Friday, April 2, 2010

3-D Love It or Hate It?

I have now seen two movies in 3-D, Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. There are things about this new phenom that I like, but I'm not sure that they outweigh the things I don't like. For starters, the cost. Fourteen dollars a ticket is no small fee. Think about taking a family of four to see How to Train Your know the kids are going to want some sort of snack, (even I like an Icee), but that is an expensive afternoon out. Not to mention the strange feeling I have after I take the 3-D glasses off after a eyes have to readjust.

Another thing I found is that while I enjoy certain scenes and sweeping views in 3-D, I usually leave wishing I could go back and see the film again in regular old 2-D. At times I find 3-D distracting.

Now onto the things I like about 3-D. The nighttime part of Avatar was beautiful. It made wearing the glasses over my regular glasses worthwhile. Would it have looked as breathtaking in 2-D, maybe not. Then there's Tim Burton, he did a nice job playing up the 3-D aspect of Alice in Wonderland, but then again the look of his movies is always powerful and undeniably Tim. The things about these movies that make the 3-D part work are always the scenery. If I were to see Hot Tub Time Machince again (don't judge me, I can explain), do I think it needs to be in 3-D? No. Do I think Remember Me would be more compelling if Robert Pattinson was in 3-D? No. It really depends on the film.

Avatar, Alice, How to Train Your Dragon, these are just the first to hit the local theater's screens, and there are going to be plenty to follow. Theater owners are scrambling to add more 3-D screens, we can only hope that every movie we see from now on isn't in 3-D. Please Hollywood producers we know it's always about the bottom line, but please choose wisely.


Laura said...

Loving the new vibe on here! It's totally fitting for you :)
Now on to my thoughts:
I agree with you completely about the cost of it. That is why I will be choosing selectively which ones I see in 3D and which ones are not worth it. So far I have seen Avatar and Alice in Wonderland - Both fantastic :)
I do have a strong feeling they will do the Harry Potter in 3D :)

Laura said...
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DMH said...

I saw UP in 3D as well as something else that I can't remember. I kept the 3D glasses I bought the first time, but the theater still wanted to charge me for the glasses for the next show. I don't like the price increase and did not like the experience. I do see things in the 3D, but I have to wonder if it doesn't work for me like it does for other people. Just in case anybody's forgotten, I am red-green colorblind.

Also, I'm not looking forward to the 3D television experience/marketing projects that are around the corner, either.

Kevin S. said...

I've seen Up and How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. Both were great, but Dragon was so much better than Up. I haven't seen Alice or Avatar yet, and likely won't in the theater, but I will go see Clash of the Titans. I wholeheartedly agree that the price increase is a bit of a pain ($25 for two to see a cartoon is awfully steep) and that may factor into whether I watch Titans in 2D or 3D. Also, Titans wasn't "shot" in 3D, the effect was added afterward, so I've heard it's not quite worth it.